Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My review of something I recently bought.

My thing that I recently bought which was a onesie which is a all in one for your information, and I bought a book which is the best book I ever read.
My onesie is a leopard print which is a golden brown and a pink. My grandma gave it to me which is great because now every time I wear it or put it on I think of her but its funny because we live in the same house. The book I bought was Barry loser the worst holiday ever which was 258 pages and I already finished it, because it was fun and interesting the reason I took that exact book because I looked up that book on Google books and I could not get the book, so I got that book on the schools book sale which was fun. I really enjoyed the book because its exactly like diary of a wimpy kid. I really love my grandma for giving me the outfit and I found out that we have to wear our pyjamas when we have the readathon which will be so awesome. My pyjamas looks exactly like the one on top but not exactly mine but its how mine looks. my Barry loser book doe not look like that but its the same book I guess which is actually awesome cause I would really love to read all the books. And now suddenly that's my favourite  series of books. My second favourite book series is diary of a wimpy kid and Nancy drew, Nancey drew is a mysteries book.

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

How to be safe children
How to be safe is  1 thing but being stolen is to be safe and how to  be aware about what happens on a every day basis.One day at home i heard my mom speak about how people are kidnapping children and how they use things to kidnap them.
People normally start observing what the children s like and how they react they also take pictures of the children they would like to kidnap.The people who are doing this is using a new technique, and that technique is they use small cute puppies to lure  the children with them,and on DSTV there was this show that came on and it showed the us how easy it was to lure the children to there car,the man showed the little 5 year old  girl a puppy and he said that he has more at his house and if she wants to come she is welcome and the girl said yes.After that the man went to the woman reading a magazine and told her i stole your child and she said what do you mean she is standing right next to me now so how could you say that,the woman did not believe the man but then when the man asked the girl were she was she said she was at his house.
Children going missing is very sad and then the parents find out they not ever coming back is worse
There is a girl that went missing in Hanova  Nova park of 5 years old her mother thought she went to sleep over by her friend down the road but then they found out that she was missing.There is such a lot of reports of children going missing, but at the end of the day people do let there children play in the streets and they do let them walk around so at the end of the day whose fault is it.

Friday, 15 May 2015

What i really like to do when I'm free,
I like to draw and i really like to design when I'm bored  ands when I'm feel happy i start to draw happy faces for some reason.
I also really like to write poems.I like to do some of this things maybe with a friend or maybe with my grandma, she does almost every thing with me because she is like my best friend.I normally colour in and make creative things like cards dogs out of a cut out piece of paper which some times turns out very cool.
there is also much more i like t\doing there is a list below.

  1. design
  2. colour  in
  3. draw
  4. watch tv
  5. sleep
  6. play games
  7. look at my fish swim
  8. play with my dogs
  9. prank call
These are most of the stuff i do but not all and some times I study and do my home work.I love to watch tv with my grandma because she is fun and awesome she is cool and she is down to earth,thats why i love her so much and she will do every thing for me.The things i will never do at home is act like a  baboon although i do some times. And once i made a bear just like this is it not cool

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Who is my hero?
My hero is my best grandma in the whole world,and her name is Dolores and she means the world to me.The reason she is my hero is because she sets good examples to me and every one around the house. She also cooks and she does the washing.I could never do what she does around the house.Every one thinks its easy to do what my grandma does but actually its not. My grandma loves to cook food and i love to eat her food.My grandma is also my hero because some times when i almost fall off the bed she catches me. I love my grandma because she is also my best friend in the whole wide world, some times people think that's stupid but its not actually.

This is a few things my grandma does my grandma washes the washing,washes the dishes,cooks the food,feeds the dogs,sweeps the floor,mops the floor,makes time for every one,and she sprinkles love on each and every one of us in the house.
My grandma does far to much to remember, but these are the most important things she does and if she does not feed us we will go hungry,if she does not wash our clothing it will be dirty,if she does not mop the floor people will think we dirty,if she does not sweep the floor the mice and all other creatures we don't know about,if she does not wash the dishes we will eat of of dirty disgusting plates. I say to my self  she does not need to do it but she does it any way because she loves us and she cares for us.And some one who does not care for you wont do the things they do for you so appreciate them like i appreciate my  grandma and i hope she knows that which she does.One more thing my grandma gives me money.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

favorite food

My favorite food is burgers and chips with a cream soda on the side. The reason i really love burgers and chips is because i just like it. I especially like it when we make our own burgers and chips at home. i also really love thick burger patties and extra crunchy chips. I also like to have cream soda  on the side because i also really love cream soda. When ever we make burgers at home we get to put our own sauces and we can some times we can decorate it like my dad he likes to make it fancy smancy, and i tell him it will go down any way. The person in my house which makes the best burgers and chips is my grand ma and I call her Marie biscuit.My grandma really likes to  make food and the burgers is sometimes the easiest thing to make and i some times help and i only say some times.I also like spaghetti but burgers is  my favorite food. Some times on Fridays or Saturdays we eat burgers and chips but if we feel lazy we don't make chips then we only have burgers. Some times i like pineapple on my burger which tastes amazing.And that's why i really love Fridays some times and some times not. LOVE YOU FRIDAYS.

Wednesday, 11 March 2015


In case of a fire i would want to take every thing but i obviously cant so i will make a list of what i will be taking.I cant take to much stuff i can only take a certain load of stuff and it will be hard leaving things behind like the tv for example i love to watch television omw.I will problably change my mind about what i will be taking and what i will be leaving so i set out bullets and wrote what i will be taking and some of these things i think any one will take in case of an emergancy like a fire. One of the things that i will deffinetly take would be some clothes and some money.

  1. blanket
  2. clothes 
  3. money
  4. phone
  5. charger
  6. food
  7. nerve tablets
  8. my dogs
  9. bag to put my stuff in 
  10. my tablet(device)

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Image result for dr seussHappy Birthday, Dr Seuss I really like green eggs and ham its a really fun children's book
If you also looking for a book to read kids go ahead read Dr Seuss its really fun to read and if you want to do something calm get the audio.
some of his books he wrote
Green Eggs and Ham
Cat in The Hat
One Fish Two Red Fish Blue Fish 
The Sneetches
Hop ON Pop
Mulberry street
and more