Wednesday, 27 May 2015

My review of something I recently bought.

My thing that I recently bought which was a onesie which is a all in one for your information, and I bought a book which is the best book I ever read.
My onesie is a leopard print which is a golden brown and a pink. My grandma gave it to me which is great because now every time I wear it or put it on I think of her but its funny because we live in the same house. The book I bought was Barry loser the worst holiday ever which was 258 pages and I already finished it, because it was fun and interesting the reason I took that exact book because I looked up that book on Google books and I could not get the book, so I got that book on the schools book sale which was fun. I really enjoyed the book because its exactly like diary of a wimpy kid. I really love my grandma for giving me the outfit and I found out that we have to wear our pyjamas when we have the readathon which will be so awesome. My pyjamas looks exactly like the one on top but not exactly mine but its how mine looks. my Barry loser book doe not look like that but its the same book I guess which is actually awesome cause I would really love to read all the books. And now suddenly that's my favourite  series of books. My second favourite book series is diary of a wimpy kid and Nancy drew, Nancey drew is a mysteries book.

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